6B06105-Computer Engineering

Specialty code:

6B06105-Computer Engineering

Form, terms of training:


on the basis of secondary general education 4 years;

The awarded degree:

Bachelor in the field of information and communication technologies for the educational program 6B06105-Computer Engineering.

Field of professional activity:

  • specialist, leading specialist, software engineer in the organizing organizations;
  • junior employee at research institutes;
  • system administration programmer.
  • is a researcher, leading engineer and mathematician-programmer in research institutions, a developer and researcher of technological processes.
  • as an engineer-mathematician, mathematician-programmer, developer of mathematical and computer forms or a specialist in computer science can work in organizational and technological institutions .;
  • as a mathematician-programmer and specialist in computer science can work in production and management institutions;
  • managing systems, computer networks.

Types of professional activity:

research; organizational and technological; production and management.